In this series, we catch up with candidates who started at one of our clients. It has now been over 7 months since Cris Faluba started at Design Bridge. Let's catch up!

Cris Faluba

You started at Design Bridge as a Designer 7 months ago. What have you been working on?

I’ve started working for DB 7 months ago and I have worked on so many different projects so far for the Jacobs Coffee Team, which is one of the most important projects in the house right now. I’m working with a group of designers and directors, building on the new design language for the entire line of coffees in Germany, as well as individual projects, such as new product lines and global pitches.

Why did you choose to join Design Bridge?

DB has always been one of my favorite agencies around the world for its creative ability and focus on detail. I have always had the goal of working for a global agency like DB, where I can exchange information and knowledge with the best professionals around the world.

You and your husband are living in Amsterdam, you are both originally from Brazil. How did you end up in the Netherlands? What do you recommend to others who also want to take that step?

My husband and I always came to the Netherlands to spend the holidays and we have always had the dream of living in Amsterdam, due the lifestyle and global style that the city provides. More than that, Amsterdam is a city that breathes design and culture, which is why it was the city we decided to live in after our decision to move from Brazil. The culture shock is great, but the most important thing is to stay strong and focused on your ideals and goals and believe that you are capable of getting where you want.

Is there a big difference with working in Amsterdam?

I have always worked in global agencies, where details and quick solutions have always been paramount. In Amsterdam it would not be different. The Dutch market is demanding and expects the best from professionals, with creative and unusual solutions.

Since you work as a Sr. Designer, do you have any tips & tricks for young creatives who aim for that kind of position as well?

Believe in your ability and never give up on your dreams. Obstacles exist and are important for us to focus on our goals and always give the best we can in every project.

What do you think are the top design agencies right now and why?

Design Bridge and Partners

They are international agencies that work with the most amazing global brands around the world and value detail and the well-being of professionals, in addition to being a great reference when it comes to building global brands and design. Design Bridge and Partners has now joined Superunion and has become one of the biggest design offices in the world. Several incredible professionals from all over the world worked together for our greatest passion.

What (high-level, innovative or creative) work have you been stumped by recently (nationally and internationally)?

I'm working together with a wonderful team of designers and directors on the new design language for a German coffee brand. It’s a huge and important project for DB, so I am feeling really honoured to be part of it.

You told us this was your first time working with a headhunter. How did you experience this?

It couldn't have been better and more positive. In addition to having the confidence, dedication and professionalism to guide me and direct me towards the best interviews, Marloes and Laura provided me with personalized and very careful assistance so that I had a strong and adequate personal structure for the moments.