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  • Digital & Tech
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  • (Kandidaat ID: 27766)

Preferred position: a position as General Manager / Consultant / Strategist within a fast growing / scaling company, where he can combine his operational background, digital knowledge, and strategic insights:

  • Help organizations drive growth and scale sustainable, develop strategies, and lead effective execution;
  • General Management (commercial, financial, change, and operational management, P&L);
  • Quickly optimize and set effective (agile) processes;
  • (Re)structure and optimize corporate structures such as determining business units;
  • Set and execute commercial growth strategies such as go-to-market and pricing;
  • Aligning and advising stakeholders (board).

Profile/personality: international American with a Dutch passport, entrepreneurial, experienced negotiator, organized, problem solver, analytical and financially savvy, good communicator, capable of making hard decisions, but always with a positive twist.

Experience: nearly 20 years as a General Manager, Strategy Consultant and Operational Manager in agencies, consultancy, telecom and creative businesses. Built up a solid knowledge base in business, agencies, and IT, national and mainly international. Highlights include:

  • General Management (commercial, financial, change, and operational management) for a fast growing consumer goods / publishing company;
  • Leading business model change from product driven to brand driven tripling revenue in 3 years;
  • Developed investment strategy for pan-European Telecom used in raising funds from the European Investment Bank & public markets;
  • Developed and implemented go-to-market strategies based on geography and target industries for SaaS & physical products resulting in 2x revenue growth without increasing sales overhead;
  • Led country by country partner qualification and selection for distribution of products and services;
  • Drafted and implemented the Telecom Playbook to quickly onboard global telecom partners resulting in a 25% decrease in time to market;
  • Built data driven pricing models and led rollout to sales teams and partners;
  • Drafted annual IAB report on online advertising in The Netherlands 2010-2012.

Previously experience as Software Engineer and Project Manager in the localization/translation industry.

Preferred agency/company/environment: medium sized (50-200) creative agency where he can exercise his passion for digital concepts or a technical agency with creative aspirations. More comfortable with international settings/experienced in international. Working together with the board/decision makers.

Education: Business (MBA), Strategy, entrepreneurship and finance; Psychology (BA).

Languages: English native written and verbal, Dutch fluent, basic Spanish and French.

ICT experience: comfortable in all IT environments, experienced in using data and digital transformation.

Accessible region: Randstad (nearby train station).
Period of notice: 2 months. Available on fulltime basis.
Type of employment: permanent employment, open to interim assignments.

Salary indication: € 100/140K gross annually, depending on partnership/bonus secondary employment conditions (based on fulltime basis).